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Kickstart your financial success by understanding your beliefs around money and what you are saying to yourself. If you can change the perceptions you attach to your experiences around money, you can change your emotions, which in turn drive your behaviours. This conscious thinking can help you regulate your emotions and achieve your goals. 

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I'm Sarah Blyth

I'm a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Coach and mum of twin boys. After I had my boys, I felt like I was treading water, both financially and emotionally. Not exactly the way I expected to feel after starting a new family. I felt like I was just existing and was overwhelmed. I decided to take action and over 12 months I became debt-free, built up cash reserves and invested monthly for the medium and long term. I got clear on my values and vision and started creating a life that was true to myself. I did this through education, coaching and hard work.

Now I use my personal struggle, experience and insights to help people just like you to become financially empowered and to live the life you want without feeling overwhelmed. I'll show you how to master your mindset around money and educate you to feel confident about your financial decisions. Together, we can get you to where you want to be.

Sarah Blyth

My Journal to Financial Happiness

Written and designed by Sarah Blyth, this guided journal and workbook explores your money mindset and enables you to change your limiting beliefs and behaviours to become wealthy, fulfilled, happy and financially free. The book contains exercises and a wealth of questions throughout to explore your underlying beliefs, your emotions and your behaviours around money. You will be guided throughout the book to bring awareness to the beliefs that are holding you back, to fully understand what's meaningful to you and to form supportive beliefs and behaviours that will lead you to your desired destination.


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