Our Mission


Our mission is to help one million women become financially empowered and live the life they desire without feeling overwhelmed.


Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to increase the financial well-being of women worldwide. We do this through education and coaching and by making our environment fun, friendly and inclusive.

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I'm Sarah

I'm a Chartered Financial Planner, Financial Coach and mum of twin boys. After I had my boys, I felt like I was treading water, both financially and emotionally. Not exactly the way I expected to feel after starting a new family. I felt like I was just existing and was overwhelmed. I decided to take action and over 12 months I became debt-free, built up cash reserves and invested for the medium and long term. I got clear on my values and vision and started creating a life that was true to myself. I did this through education, coaching and hard work.

Now I use my personal struggle, experience and insights to help people just like you to become financially empowered and to live the life they dream of without feeling overwhelmed. I'll show you how to master your mindset around money and educate you to feel confident about your financial decisions. Together, we can get you to where you want to be.

Sarah Blyth
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My Story

I've always wanted to teach others about money, to give them the tools to become empowered and live the life they desire. I started working in financial services in 2011 but became disillusioned with "traditional advice". It was overly complex and full of unnecessary jargon. 

In 2022 I had had enough. I was working in a company which was completely misaligned with my values and I felt stressed and overwhelmed. This was not the life I wanted. I wasn't spending enough time with my boys and I felt exhausted. So I took a step back. I took a step back back from it all to figure out what was important to me, the life I wanted to live and how I could help others. I completed a Financial Coaching programme and invested in courses and books on self development. I quit my job and began creating a life which was true to myself and my values. Now I educate and coach others in a simple and effective way that empowers them to feel confident with their money decisions and financial future.


Why I Do It

Financial coaching is not a term I had heard when I was growing up, yet it changed my life. Financial well-being isn't just about investing your money and making it work for you. It's more than that. It's exploring your beliefs around money and enabling you to really feel comfortable with money and to use it in line with your values and build the life which is true to yourself.

For a long time I felt trapped and unhappy. It wasn't until I found Financial Coaching that I found my true path and I want to help others who are feeling this way. So I made it my mission to help as many people as possible become financially empowered and have the confidence to live their best life for themselves and their families.

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Master your finances and money mindset and get Money Confident.

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The information provided on our website, at events, webinars, online workshops and online courses is general in nature and is not personal financial advice. If required, please seek independent financial advice on your specific circumstances. Please read the full disclosure here.