My Journal to Financial Happiness


This guided journal and workbook will explore your money mindset and enable you to change your limiting beliefs and behaviours to become wealthy, fulfilled, happy and financially free. Click here to purchase your copy and take the first step towards financial freedom.

Money beliefs are mostly subconscious and we are not aware of how they are sabotaging us. They are often developed early in life and are frequently passed from one generation to the next. Our beliefs are powerful and drive our behaviours and habits. These behaviours reinforce our beliefs which then often become self-fulfilling prophecies. These beliefs have a huge influence on our lives and future, so identifying and changing a limiting belief can make a huge difference to the direction of your life.

"If you want to be financially free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past."

~ Robert Kiyosaki

Start Creating your Desired Life Today

Exploring your own beliefs, emotions and behaviours around money and how you treat yourself is paramount as it will bring you clarity and help create the life you truly desire. It will help you create a life with intention and one where you are living in line with your own values rather than with the expectations or needs of others. The first step to financial freedom is to really know yourself and to bring awareness to the beliefs that are holding you back. Once you have figured this out, you can start to change your beliefs to more supportive and beneficial beliefs and start to manage your emotions and behaviours around money. The practical side to growing your money is not complicated, but you have to be ready and willing and open to creating wealth and the possibilities this brings.

The book includes:


✔️ Over 350 Questions

✔️ Money Memories Exercise

✔️ Values Clarification Exercise

✔️ Goal-Setting Exercise

✔️ New Belief Formation Exercise

✔️ Affirmations

✔️ Benefits of Change Exercise

✔️ Forming New Habits Exercise

✔️ Success Chart

✔️ Gratitude Lists

✔️ Thought Diary and Thought Record

✔️ New Behaviour Exercise

✔️ Visualisations

✔️ Quotes

✔️ Wordsearch

✔️ Negotiation Template and more...

Rid yourself of limiting beliefs, develop positive habits, and create more wealth and happiness in your life

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